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Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Salem Housing CDC partners with residents, businesses, churches, neighborhood block clubs and organizations to problem solve and develop creative ideas and solutions to revitalize neighborhoods throughout the community. From beautification projects and restoring housing to workshops and social gatherings, Salem Housing works with all stakeholders to strengthen the neighborhoods in which they live and serve.

Recently, the Ruth Mott Foundation provided funding to Salem Housing CDC to develop neighborhood-wide planning for two distinctly different neighborhoods in the City of Flint – the neighborhoods adjacent to and surrounding Max Brandon Park and the Kings/Wood/Metawanenee Hills neighborhood.

The three-year planning process continues and includes developing a collaboration of neighborhood block clubs, residents, businesses, faith-based organizations, schools and non-profit organizations to initiate discussions on how to improve their neighborhoods. The project and planning process focused on community, neighborhood and residential projects including discussion on physical conditions, image, activities and programming, maintenance and safety.

Projects identified for funding includes “community” built projects and “individual” mini-grants.

Max Brandon Park Project
The Max Brandon Park project will be a multi-year pilot, which includes neighborhoods surrounding Max Brandon Park. Input from the residents, businesses, churches and neighborhood block clubs will be essential to the success of the Max Brandon Park Project as the park’s assets and liabilities often impact the quality of life in their neighborhood. Partners of the Max Brandon Park Project will develop their role as it relates to programs in the park as well as the management of their neighborhood.

KingsWood/Metawanenee Hills Neighborhood Project
The KingsWood/Metawanenee Hills Neighborhood is adapting to a new community of renters added to an established historic, primarily home-owning community. The partners of the KingsWood/Metawanenee Hills Neighborhood project will focus on image, physical conditions and neighborhood management with an emphasis on neighbor-to-neighbor communication.


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