Housing Rehabilitation Program

Many of the homes in Salem Housing’s focus area are within one of Flint’s oldest neighborhoods. While most of the existing homes are well kept by proud homeowners, others are in need of repair. As funding becomes available, Salem Housing renovates these homes with the help of families interested in purchasing the homes and who provide “sweat equity” as their stake in the home. Community volunteers also lend a hand in helping families achieve their dream of one day owning a home during Second Saturday Workdays.

Second Saturday Workdays
For some families owning a home is just a dream. That’s why Salem Housing CDC brings together volunteers and organizations to renovate houses and help families achieve their dreams. Whether you are experienced at home renovations, just want to help out a family, or become part of a neighborhood revitalization effort, there’s a job for you waiting every Second Saturday.

What is a workday and how does it work?
Teams of volunteers work beside each family in repairing a home that a family will eventually own. This process of volunteers repairing vacant homes stretches the renovation dollars and helps to create safe and affordable housing for the new homeowner. Jobs are assigned related to the volunteer’s skill level while supervision takes place from Salem Housing CDC staff and more experienced volunteers.

What volunteer activities take place during the workday?
Activities vary depending on what house is being worked on and where the house is in the repair process. In some cases it may be tearing down walls, hanging drywall, and priming and painting walls. In other cases it may be waterproofing the home, repairing windows and landscaping. Salem Housing CDC staff and regular volunteers who know how to do the task will work with a group regardless of their skill sets.

What type of help is needed during the workday?
Volunteers including those with special skills such as plumbers, electricians, drywaller and landscapers are needed during the workday. We find that sometimes a person would like to help but is unable. In these cases we encourage them to provide drinks and refreshments as their “volunteer” effort. Many times an organization will bring workers and also collect pledges to go towards landscaping or towards completing a room. And of course donations of money or materials are always appreciated. 

What is the time commitment?
Volunteers work from 8:30am to 3:00pm and could be working at more than one house throughout the day. The family, friends, and volunteers meet with Salem Housing CDC staff at the first house to get acquainted with each other, learn about the tasks needed, meet the supervisors and discuss safety and are then assigned a task. 

How can I get involved?
If you and/or your group are interested in helping families achieve safe and affordable housing by volunteering or with a donation contact Salem Housing Community Development Corporation at (810) 785-5340 or send an email to johnston@salemhousing.org.

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