Salem Housing Community Development Corporation was created in 1984 by five neighborhood organizations and a church located on Flint’s north side. These six groups were brought together by common concerns about the deteriorating housing stock in their shared neighborhood in addition to vacant houses, a declining homeownership base and low-quality/high rent rental housing. They also shared concerns for those families who had to live in these deteriorated housing structures due to lack of financial resources or the unavailability of other housing options. They created Salem Housing Task Force whose mission was to improve family living conditions by providing safe, decent and affordable housing for families of limited income and to act as a catalyst to restore the neighborhoods within it service area, a 132-block area bounded by Pasadena Avenue on the north, Saginaw Street on the east, Wood/Begole Streets on the south and Dupont Street on the west.

This community role led Salem Housing from the initial roles of developing homebuyers and houses to one of comprehensive community development.. In 2001 Salem Housing's Board of Directors changed the name of the organization to reflect this. Salem Housing Task Force Corporation became Salem Housing Community Development Corporation and in 2002 adopted a provision to work not only within our primary service area but throughout Genesee County on focused housing and community development. projects.


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